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Celebrities are taking an active role in helping people become more eco friendly in every part of their lives. They are not only spreading awareness but are developing “green” products, as well. The products range from shoes to makeup, and anything in between.

Gisele Bundchen is one star who is constantly coming up with new and innovative ways to get the general public to buy environmentally safe products.  So far the model has developed an eco friendly like of skin care products and also shoes.

She admits that she might not be much of a designer but that she just wants people to pay more attention to issues concerning the environment. Her shoes are made for everyone from women to kids and also men. Through their implementation of green manufacturing the shoe maker hopes to bring more attention to the critical issue of water conservation. Gisele’s other eco friendly development is a line of skincare products.

These products she hopes will not only help people have more radiant skin but also encourage people to get more interested in the ingredients of their favorite cosmetics and maybe convince them to switch to eco friendly brands. So far the line includes a night and day cream, a skincare package, and a mud mask. Aside from continually producing new products, Gisele also posts videos about how to be more environmentally safe. She hopes her fans will join her efforts to save the planet. Overall this celebrity is using her status to reach millions of people and bring more light to issues that many people do not think about.

From the mind of a recent graduate, Nicole Howell, emerges a simple yet remarkable design for city trash cans. This design deemed the ‘Toss with Care’ trash can evolved from her thesis project into a undertaking to help the homeless while reducing landfill waste. Using dividers, waste is separated into three sections: trash, recycled, and excess food for the homeless. This project emerged from an initial experimentation with a design called a trash trampoline or (trash)poline as she likes to call it. This enabled a trash can to act like a trampoline, tossing back waste you throw into it.


From this emerged her ‘Toss with Care’ campaign and its trash can design. Nicole seeks to turn the act of throwing things away into a form of giving to the homeless. ‘Toss with Care’ seeks to “provide hungry and thirsty individuals with the leftovers that would otherwise have been discarded.” Currently several trash cans with this design has been placed in New York City and Nicole is documenting the reactions to the cans. To follow this project check out:



Toss With Care from Nicole Howell on Vimeo.

The U.S. Navy is set to launch a force entitled “the Great Green Fleet” by 2016. This fleet will consist of ships, submarines, and planes powered by biofuels. The first group will be tested in 2012. This is part of an opted to ensure at least 40% of the Navy’s total energy consumption comes from an alternative source by 2020. This plan also calls for: cutting petroleum usage in its 50,000 commercial vehicle fleet in half by phasing in hybrid fuel and electric vehicles; producing 50% of its shore-based energy requirements from renewable sources.

Although many Americans still remain leery of global warming, the Pentagon has acknowledged global warming as a security threat. “The Department of Defense takes climate change seriously,” said Amanda Dory, deputy assistant secretary of defense for strategy. The Pentagon has committed to produce 25% of its electricity from renewable sources by 2025.

The U.S. military accounts for nearly 80% of the U.S. government”s energy consumption, prompting the military to consider the lifetime energy cost of its operations. The navy has a head start on the other branches of the military. Approximately 17% of its aircraft carriers and submarines are already fuelled by alternative sources. However, the navy isn’t the only branch of the military committed to going green. The army is investing in portable wind generators and working to take its huge base in Fort Irwin, California off the public electricity grid in the next decade, using a 500MW solar panel array instead.