This is a great time of year to add new life to your home. With less to do outdoors and the end of the holiday season, might as well update your decor:)

There’s a number of ways to make simple updates, but there’s nothing like literally brining new life into your home. Whether its plants, branches in a vase or wood decor.

Depending on how adventurous your feeling you could choose one room to update or make small changes throughout your home.

1. Have blank wall? Try a wood wall panel instead of a picture. Whether large or small wood wall panels add character and warmth to a room.

Buddha Wall Panel & Twist Stools

Buddha Wall Panel & Twist Stools

2. Even without the extra stuff that we accumulate during the holidays, there always seems to be a lack of storage. Whether for towels, blankets or other odds and ends a wood ladder is a great way to add style to a room while also keeping it organized.

Teak Towel Ladder

Teak Towel Ladder

3. Add a vase to your living room or another frequently used space such as the hall way. If you want to start small and keep to a budget, choose a room that you use more often so you can enjoy your new decor. This root wood vase is great on it’s own or add dried flowers or branches.

Small Root Wood Vase

Small Root Wood Vase

4. Make more of a statement with a new end table. Even though these are stools, they are also great for next to the couch or in an entrance way.

Twist Wood Stool

Twist Wood Stool

5. Find a new home for your fruits and veggies. We always have a bowl on the kitchen counter or table that we rotate each season or when the mood strikes. Most should have a food safe finish.

Extra Large Root Wood Decorative Bowl

Root Wood Bowl

Happy decorating!

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2 Responses to "Decorating Tips – Wood Home Decor"
  1. Linda Cole (Style Whiz) says:

    You don’t get more natural than wood which connects us to the earth and nature. It also reminds us that without the beauty of trees our “Garden Of Eden” would be a bleak place to live.

    We surround ourselves with plastic and composite home decor products that when discarded cause havoc to our vulnerable planet so why not embrace the most natural product of all which is wood in our home interiors.

    Great article and even better website.

  2. Shining Venus says:

    Beautiful wood decorations.

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