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Nothing sparks conversation around the table more than unique dinner pieces – and Natural Wood Decor plenty of them. Each made from sustainable wood, these pieces make entertaining easy, stylish, and eco friendly. For example, the small driftwood tea lights are made from naturally fallen wood and the honeycomb three bowl server and three-section appetizer disk are made from reclaimed mango wood. Finally, the square plates, wine racks, and cheese boards are made from Chinese Fir stumps left by logging operations. Removing these stumps to create such pieces encourages faster reforestation.


Driftwood Fruit BowlRoot Wood Square Plate - Set of 2


The pieces are not only sustainable; they’re also functional. Natural Wood Decor’s root wood wine rack can hold up to six bottles of wine that pair perfectly with an array of cheeses that are made more elegant by the root wood cheese board. You can easily separate each delicious appetizer in the reclaimed mango wood pieces, while the driftwood tea lights set the dinner table aglow and bring a tranquil vibe to any gathering. And guests will want to gobble their food up fast just to be able to gaze at the beautiful work in the hand-carved square plates.

Now that the Season of Giving is fully upon us, do you find yourself scrambling to think of one more present, send one more card, or plan your menu?  It wouldn’t be the holidays without a little last-minute frenzy, but as you’re wrapping up all your preparations, here are five quick tips to make your holiday a little greener:

1.  If you’re planning a big meal, consider the ingredients in each of your dishes.  Are you using seasonable produce for the region you live in?  Shop at local farmer’s markets where you can, and avoid using fruits and vegetables flown in from a tropical climate to help reduce energy used for transportation and refrigeration.

2. If you’re going to be traveling this season, remember not to wrap gifts before boarding your flight!  The TSA may open and search any of your bags — including wrapped Christmas gifts — so pack some gift wrap separately to avoid paper waste.

3.  Speaking of gift wrap, last week we showed you how to use cloth that your recipient can repurpose on his or her own.  But if you’re short on fabric, try reusing some other common household materials such as leftover wallpaper or sample swatches, old road maps, or sheet music.  Newspaper might seem like a last-minute alternative to gift wrap, but a foreign newspaper can give a gift a quirky, offbeat look.  Baskets are also a good alternative to paper gift bags.

4.  For that impossible-to-buy-for person still on your list, think about gifting them with an experience — a class they might enjoy, for example.  Check out a local community college or community center for listings.

5.  Just open a card from someone not on your list?  Consider reciprocating with an e-card, the eco-friendly alternative to snail mail!  Paperless Post offers creatively animated cards that you can personalize with a family photo and message for a lesser fee than paper cards with postage (and some are free!).

Are you ready to take your eco-friendly lifestyle to a new level? When you book a vacation, do you ever think about the impact that it might have on the environment? Most people tend to overlook this little, yet vital detail.  There are many types of vacations that are environmentally safe and they are suited for different  budgets and tastes. An eco friendly getaway doesn”t have to mean going on a camping trip and living in tents. More and more resorts are redesigning  their hotels to make them more sustainable. Some of the world”s most luxurious resorts are now offering their clients a relaxing getaway plus an opportunity to do their part in reducing the environmental damage.  These hotels used to be rare and hard to find but now they are located everywhere from Europe to El Salvador and even Africa.

If you have a more acquired taste, there are a number of vacation spots that will truly surprise you. One of the more unique vacation resorts is called Ariau Amazon Towers and  is located in the heart of the Amazon Rainforest. If you book  here you will spend your time in a room suspended 10-20 meters above the ground and the only way to get around this hotel is by walking on wooden catwalks that connect all the rooms. Nowhere in the world will you find a pace that is more connected with nature yet still able to provide luxury amenities.


Looking  for something even more dramatic?  How about living in a recycled drain pipe? A hotel in Austria provides exactly those type of accommodations. The interior of  DasPark  is decorated with a full size bed, storage, art work and interior lighting. Bathroom facilities are located outside. Although not for everyone, this hotel  does provide an experience that is going to be hard to forget.


No matter what type of vacation you enjoy, may it be luxury or extreme, you can find eco-friendly hotels and resorts across the entire world.

There are many products out there that help us live more eco-friendly lifestyles. But some new trends and products are starting to emerge that might have people asking the question, are we going too far with the “green” movement?

Po-Zu (an ecological company) is now selling organic shoe cream. It is made with 100% coconut oil. The odd thing is that you can eat this shoe cream with your toast in the morning!  It is edible and can even be used as lip balm.

Po-Zu edible shoe cream

A product that is truly unique is an eco-friendly umbrella. The product itself is just the frame of an umbrella. But once a storm hits you can use anything you have available to you to attach to the frame. Things like newspapers or plastic bags work really well.

Eco-Friendly Umbrella

This next item is a new and upcoming business. Catty Shack Creations takes fur from your pets and turns it into clothes for you! Your pet is washed and shaved, the fur is later spun into yard to make everything from clothes to even handbags.

Purse made from pet hair

Are you interested in knowing how much pollution is around you? Well there is a new product that does just that, but in a very unique way. Stephanie Sandstrom designed a dress that detects pollution levels; if they are high the dress will wrinkle. So if your dress looks like you have slept in it, you will know you are breathing dirty air.

A pollution sensitive dress

There are new and odd “green” products being developed every day. But are we ready for such extreme change?