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Gallery walls are a great way to display family photos, art collections and prints – you name it! Here are 5 tips to help you create the ultimate gallery wall.

1. Keep to a general color scheme. This is key to creating a cohesive look.

2. Start with the biggest pieces first and then work around them if you are mixing sizes.

3. To help you visualize how your wall will look, lay out the frames on the floor before hanging.

4. Mix antique, contemporary and personal pieces.

5. Have your focal point be eye level or about 5’6″ from the floor.



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Are you ready to refurbish your old shed into a beautiful outdoor living space? Reusing old materials or structures is one of the most sustainable things you can do for our environment. Depending on your budget, with little to no cost to you that old rickety shed full of rotting supplies can be transformed into a wonderful new hangout for family and guests. Starting out at the higher end of the remodeling spectrum is this lovely bed-shed with a view. Imagine waking up to that sunrise or taking a nap under the pitter patter of raindrops on your old shed’s new glass rooftop!

glass bedroom shed

Next up on the list is this beautiful distressed antique shed with lovely gothic arched windows. Who said redoing your shed had to have a modern feel? Complete with a white picket fence, this repurposed shed has a beautiful country feel.

antique garden shed

If you have a fear of floods or just prefer a slightly higher viewpoint, this next shed is set several feet higher. Not only will you be better protected from the elements, but you can also store items underneath the shed (back to it’s original function).

waterproof shed

Wondering what the inside of a refinished garden shed should look like? Depending on the materials at your disposal you could have a basic seating area, or a full scale living room complete with lighting, television, chairs and more!


For those of you minimalists, here is a simple open wooden shed pod with a beautiful round skylight to provide extra lighting for its inhabitants.

minimalist shed refurbished

If you’ve recently remodeled and landscaped your home, why not refinish the shed with the leftovers from the house?

shed design match house

Refinishing your shed can be a daunting task but there are a variety of other DIY refurbishing projects you can do around your home or garden that can be done in hours. Think outside the box and come up with your own repurposed project like turning old coffee cans into hanging planters. Happy crafting!


1. You Can Never Have Too Much Zen


Well by it’s very nature, zen is more of a minimalist style. However, it would be kind of neat to have a bathroom with it’s own built-in massage table as well as various Buddhist and bamboo themes. And lots of towels, I mean look at all those towels. They must have trouble staying dry.


2. Minimalist



Now that’s more zen! And look at the beautiful view. Don’t worry, they managed to work in some towels (see the back right corner). I love the wood panels and flooring as an alternative to tile or other finishes. If you are looking for simpler flooring options, try one of these teak bath mats.


3. Closer To Nature



Sometimes comfort is about taking the indoors outdoors. Imagine the warm breeze brushing against your face as you soak your stress away in this bathroom paradise.  Another lovely view, hopefully not of the neighbor’s place. Oh, and for those of you who love towels, there are a few here too.


Ok, I’ll admit I was obsessed with the 1993 movie The Secret Garden;) When I think of a secret garden, peaceful, alive and romantic come to mind. What do you think of?

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1. Plants For Shade & Color

Not all your plants need to stay outside this time of year! Decorating with indoor hanging plants as well as small trees in pots can help to brighten up your space as well as shading/cooling rooms that get a lot of sun.






Amazing Vintage Bedroom Ideas with White Wall Interior and Cream Bedding Style for Inspiration to Your House



2. White Is the New Black

Using brighter decor can also help to keep the overall temp of your place cooler. Whites, creams and baby blues all compliment your home in the summer.








3. Bamboo Floor Mats

In the summer time, use bamboo rugs over carpet or as a cooler alternative to heavier rugs. There are a variety of summer bamboo rug colors available.









4. Mirrors

Use the extra summer light to your advantage. If you don’t get as much light in your home, you can use beautiful mirrors like this rectangular teak wood mirror to brighten things up.






lemon balm




5. Smells WithOUT Bugs

Summer time brings more bugs into your home as well, but you don’t have to suffer. Growing herbs such as mint, lemon balm and lavender will help repel mosquitos, ticks and other bugs. Plus they all smell great which will help keep your house fresh.


There are many elements that go into the perfect dinner party. And a successful dinner party is a triumph for any host. Here, we list a few ways to make your next dinner party more eco-friendly.


Show your guests that this is no ordinary dinner party before they even arrive with eco-friendly invites. Earthly Affair offers invites and envelopes made from 100% recycled paper. Or, you can provide a gift with your invite by sending Botanical Paperworks’ seed paper, which is embedded with wildflower, herb, or vegetable seeds. Guests can plant their invitation and watch a plant grow from the soil.

Table Setting

Wow your guests with décor that dresses up your table, while keeping the focus on environmental responsibility. Decorate each reusable napkin with a napkin ring made from reeds, vines, or stems from dying plants. You can also use biodegradable utensils made from plant starch such as these from Joanne Hudson. Organic, soy wax candles offer a gently glow, while a driftwood fruit bowl provides the perfect rustic centerpiece.

Large Driftwood Fruit Bowl

Large Driftwood Fruit Bowl


You can’t have a dinner party without dinner, so make sure that your dishes are made with organic, local ingredients whenever possible. You can also opt for a vegetarian or vegan dish. No matter what entree you choose, make sure to wash it down with wine from vineyards that do not use synthetic pesticides and other chemicals. This organic wine guide from Huffington is a great place to start your search.


Send your guests on their way with a gift that continues to grow. Green World Project sells seed favors and live evergreen seedlings, neatly wrapped in burlap.


Many of us think our Dads are one of a kind. And we’re right. We know that no two dads are alike. They come in all forms – from rugged and rustic to chic and sophisticated; the life of the party or simple and solitary. No matter your dad’s style, he deserves something great this Father’s Day. So step away from the tie clips and “World’s Greatest Dad” mugs and get something different for the man in your life who is different from all the others.

For the Rugged Outdoorsman

Driftwood Tea Light

Driftwood Tea Light

This driftwood tea light set brings the outdoors inside with two pieces of wood formed through natural weathering. And since the pieces come from naturally fallen driftwood, people will think dad brought it home from one of his hikes in the woods.

Teak Bath Mat

Teak Bath Mat

These teak mats aren’t only for the bathroom. Naturally made with a high oil content that leaves it mold and mildew resistant, these mats are good for outdoor use too. Dad can use them on the deck or patio.

For the Quiet and Pensive Type

Teak Block Bench

Teak Block Bench

Give him a peaceful place to sit and ponder with the Teak Wood Block Bench. It is durable enough to withstand the outdoor elements, but elegant enough to decorate interiors as well.

Tree of Life Wall Panel

Tree of Life Wall Panel

This gift is perfect for the pensive dad who likes to contemplate life and the world in which he lives. The tree of life panel represents the relationship between all living creatures on Earth and provides a peaceful atmosphere in any room.

For the Life of the Party

Triple Twist Wood Stool

Triple Twist Wood Stool

The Triple Twist Stool can function as an extra seat or a place to put the chips and dip. The triple twist design is strong and the rich dark color adds a masculine tone to the piece.

Buddha Wood Wall Panel - Sakyamuni Seated

Buddha Wood Wall Panel – Sakyamuni Seated

This wood wall panel features the Buddha with the left hand in a vitarka mudra position, which symbolizes discussion and debate. This piece is perfect for a sophisticated party in which Mr. Social can discuss how he got such an amazing piece.

For the King of the Kitchen

Wood Cheese Grater

Wood Cheese Grater

Finished with a certified food-safe lacquer, the acacia wood cheese grater is not only beautiful, but handy in the kitchen as well. He’ll love the easy cleaning that comes with the removable grater. He’ll also love how a removable drawer below the grater collects every last sliver of cheese.

Wood Lemon Squeezer

Wood Lemon Squeezer


For the master chef who has everything, try getting him a unique lemon squeezer made from old houses and fences in Thailand. With such a rich history in such a small piece, Dad’s diners won’t just be ogling his fine fare.

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Natural Wood Decor’s wood twist stools are multifunctional pieces that can fit into any room and any design. The stools can serve as an end table, a seat, a statement piece, or a place to hold your favorite knick knacks. Below are five rooms and design concepts that show us how these wood twist stools could decorate a variety of spaces.

Twist Wood Stool

Twist Wood Stool

Since there is a variety of seating options in this room, these stools can provide more table room and fill empty space with something artsy. Bringing these wood stools in allows the decorator to play with elements – a metal sign, glass windows and bottles, and a soft linen couch.

We love the extra long table/island hybrid in the center of this kitchen. Replace the leather-topped stools with our walnut twist stools. Or try a stool in the agate grey color to match the table and other kitchen amenities.

This stool adds a pop of natural color to an all white interior and pulls the rug into this modern design nicely. We also like the placement next to the tub, which turns the stool into a great place to rest soap, candles, or a good read. Put Natural Wood Decor’s wood twist stool in place of this one to add a unique shape and contrast to such clean, simple décor.

We’re in love with the rustic wood beams hanging above a beautiful pine floor and the mixture of brown, turquoise, and white wood furniture. These wood stools add more wood tones and complement the rustic design.

The designer does a great job of mixing rustic and contemporary with steel appliances, metal chairs, a giant wood table, industrial lighting, and rustic gray wood planks. Adding a wood twist stool in a small space somewhere enhances the rustic part of this design and provides a place to set a plant.